Capturing great performances at the highest possible quality is what audio recording is all about. It is a fascinating combination of art and science. The right tools can help you achieve phenomenal recordings, and the right creative atmosphere can make your recording process a magical experience.

As your recording engineer, I oversee both artistic and technical elements of the recording session. My goal is to capture quality musical performances, essence and personality onto your recordings.

Whether it's recording voice, a full band or a single instrument, I believe that attention to detail, use of right technique, combined with top of the line equipment can make the difference between a decent recording and a remarkable one.

Recording Services


Whether you're a singer, rapper or a group, capturing great performance combined with pristine quality recording is key.


Sculpt your sound and capture the same energy and emotion as you would performing on stage.


Whether it's for a documentary, audiobook, TV or a radio spot, narrate and convey messages that sounds clear and natural.


Pull listeners in and let your content shine with great sounding podcast. Record, edit and master your podcast for optimum audio loudness.


Create an evocative sound for a film or video that is believable, seamless and with maximum emotional impact.



Depending on your recording needs, fees vary based on the studio, equipment involved, and duration of session. Contact me for pricing and discount possibilities.

Frequently asked questions

What are your recording/operating hours?

I don’t have set hours per say. Everything is by appointment, but I don’t usually like to record before 9 am or after 12am. Fill out the Project Planner if you’d like to set up a session or set up a special appointment.

How far ahead do I need to book?

With as much notice as possible. To guarantee your preferred days, please contact me as soon as you have decided on your schedule.

How do session times work?

Your session time starts from when you, or your crew, arrive and ends once all equipment is packed down and you leave the facility. A good setup is key to a smooth session and takes time to complete. Please ensure you account for the time it takes you to setup, backup session files and pack down your equipment when planning your day.

I'm in a band, how much time do I need to book to record an album?

Every project will vary, but a good rule of thumb is to book 1.5 days per song for a typical indie-rock band (guitar/bass/drums/vox). A well-rehearsed, four-piece band recording a 10-song full-length record can usually get basic tracks recorded in 5-10 days and overdubs recorded in 1-2 days. Projects with more instrumentation and complexity will take longer and projects with less instrumentation and complexity will take less time.

How much time should I book to do vocals?

It all depends on how prepared you are. You also need to factor the amount of vocal stacks and overdubs needed to complete the song (harmonies, backgrounds, doubles, etc.). I have seen artists come in knock out their takes in a few hours, on the other hand I have seen artists take a whole day to finish a song.

Do you record bands live or multi-track?

Both! In our planning conversations, we’ll talk about what makes the most sense to capture your energy and produce the best recordings, and discuss how you intend to use the recording when it is finished. If you are recording a song for commercial release and distribution, then it is best to record each track separately.

I am a spoken word artist, can I record with you?

Yes! I record poets, narrators, and other artists not working with accompanying music. Please note that there's a three-hour minimum for recording sessions.

Can you find a drummer, or other instrumentalist for my record?

Absoutly! I myself am a professional drummer with over a decade of writting and performance experience. Throughout the years I've have the pleasure of working with highly skilled musicians that can add bass, guitar, strings, horns, synth, piano and vocals. Please note, it's an additional fee to hire studio musicians.

How do I book my project with you?

Feel free to fill out the project planner above this FAQ to discuss your expectations and goals. We’ll chat about what your project entails such as creative goals, instrumentation, individual roles, number of songs, and we’ll discuss scheduling and pricing. When you’re ready to move forward, we’ll plan a timeline and send you an invoice.

Will you come record us where we live?

Sure! It often makes more sense for me to come to you rather than flying in 5 to 6 people to me. If the appropriate facility is available for our needs I'd be happy to discuss this option.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel our recording session?

If you’re scheduled for recording and you encounter an unexpected conflict, I will work with you to reschedule your sessions as soon as possible, but please understand that studio and production schedules stay pretty full so flexibility may be necessary. Immediate rescheduling may not be possible. Individual session musicians, gear rental providers, and recording studios may have their own policies about rescheduling. All payments are non-refundable once paid. If a session is canceled, you will receive a company credit in the amount of the payments received. Credits can only be applied to the services for which they were originally paid. Any credits not used within thirty days of the original invoice date will be forfeited. Payments made to compensate session musicians, hire gear, or pay for studio space are non-refundable and non-creditable.