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Capturing great performances at the highest possible quality is what audio recording is all about. It is a fascinating combination of art and science. The right tools can help you achieve phenomenal recordings, and the right creative atmosphere can make your recording process a magical experience.

As your recording engineer, I oversee both artistic and technical elements of the recording session. My goal is to capture quality musical performances, essence and personality onto your recordings.

Whether it's recording voice, a full band or a single instrument, I believe that attention to detail, use of right technique, combined with top of the line equipment can make the difference between a decent recording and a remarkable one.

Recording Services


Whether you're a singer, rapper or a group, capturing great performance combined with pristine quality recording is key.


Sculpt your sound and capture the same energy and emotion as you would performing on stage.


Whether it's for a documentary, audiobook, TV or a radio spot, narrate and convey messages that sounds clear and natural.


Pull listeners in and let your content shine with great sounding podcast. Record, edit and master your podcast for optimum audio loudness.


Create an evocative sound for a film or video that is believable, seamless and with maximum emotional impact.



Depending on your recording needs, fees vary based on the studio, equipment involved, and duration of session. Contact me for pricing and discount possibilities.

  • What is the difference between a demo and a professional production?
    A demo is a relatively simple recording with minimal instrumentation intended to demonstrate the song or artist's ability. A professional production is intended for commercial release and distritribution. It features the best possible performances and production, with all the bells and whistles.
  • Is there a specific genre you work with?
    I spent many years in the profesional Metal world and specialize in anything resemlbing the genre. However, what I create for my clients isn’t bound by genre. I’ve worked across many genres and I can bring that experience and sound to your next project.
  • Do I have to be signed to work with you?
    Not at all! A majority of the clients I work with are independent artists.
  • How much does a single cost?
    Rates vary by the scope and complexity of the project and the services required to produce them. I take into consideration a number of things when I calculate a quote (pre-production, studio time, musicians, post-production, etc.). If you would like to inquire about rates, simply fill out the Project Planner. It’s a “no pressure” quote.
  • Do you offer special rates for Albums?
    Absolutley, I love working on full length albums and EPs! Please fill out the Project Planner and explain your ideas. I will create a package that will both meet your budget and keep us up-and-running!
  • How long is your turnaround time?
    This depends on the capacity of your project. Turnaround times can be anywhere from 1-3 weeks for a single, EP and Albums can push into the 1 month+ range, these are approximations based on schedule availability.
  • I started writting a song, but havent been able to finish it. Can you help?"
    Yes I can. However, the process does depend on your writing skills. My main goal is to help you create the best song we can. If I feel like it’s necessary, I may suggest rewriting the song together or bringing in additonal session musicians.
  • I need a instrumentalist (or drummer) for my record, can you help?"
    Of course! I work with songwriters often and am a proffesional drummer myself with over a decade of writting experience. I work with fiercely emotive, highly skilled musicians that can add drums, bass, guitar, strings, horns, synth, piano to your music.
  • How do I book my project with you?
    Feel free to fill out the project planner above this FAQ to discuss your expectations and goals. We’ll chat about what your project entails such as creative goals, instrumentation, individual roles, number of songs, and we’ll discuss scheduling and pricing. When you’re ready to move forward, we’ll plan a timeline and send you an invoice.
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