Mastering is the final touch after the recording and mixing process. It is utilized to "polish" and enhance your mix to their fullest potential and give them that competitive edge that artist and record labels rely upon in a demanding music market. It makes your mix cleaner, punchier, adding "warmth" and "air" to your sound. 

I offer the highest-end digital processors to master your material without the risk of sonic degradation. Whether your recording needs a lot of attention or just a few tweaks, you can be assured it’s going to get the final touches it needs and deserves.



    Sonically enhance, improve and, when needed, even repair your tracks through the use of precision monitoring, EQ, compression, limiting, and noise removal techniques.


    Improve how compatible and versatile your tracks are, so that your music will sound its best whether it is heard on a high-end stereo system or a pair of earbuds.


    Increase the average volume level of your tracks while still retaining your music’s inherent dynamics.


    Give your album a great flow. Put the tracks in running order and customize the spacing between songs while keeping the volume level relatively consistent from track to track.



Fill out the Project Planner below and include any preliminary instructions in the "Additional Comments" area.


Send your music using a large file transfer service like WeTransfer, DropBox or HighTail. If sending more than one song, zip all files into a single archive.


After I receive your files, I'll set to work mastering your song(s). Turnaround times are generally 4 to 6 business days depending on the number of songs to be mastered.


When ready, I upload a high quality copy of the master for you to evaluate. Make detailed notes of any changes you want me to make.


Once you approve the master, I will send a high-resolution WAV and MP3 formats at your specified bitrate.



Mastering prices are tailored on a project-by-project basis. Rates assume a standard 3 to 5 minute song. If your genre has different standards, please specify.

Frequently asked questions

How should I prepare my files to be mastered?

Files should be delivered as a 24 or 32 bit .wav or .aif files at their native sample rates. Make sure the mix is not clipping at the loudest points of the tracks and leave 6-10 dB of headroom on the master. I do not recommend sending .mp3s to be mastered since their quality has been greatly reduced. Remove any processing on the master channels, especially limiting. If you are using bus compression, please send 2 versions - one with bus compression and one without compression. Make sure normalization is turned off and no dithering has been applied. Check your mixes on various playback systems before sending and are sure about the balance of elements in your track. When sending multiple songs, zip all files into a single archive.

Should I send references?

Absolutely! Make sure to include enough material that is similar in genre or style to yours. This will provide a better understanding of the type of sound, dynamics and overall volume you’re going for.

Should I do fades myself?

You should engineer your fades and present your mix exactly how you want it done. However, if you are not certain or undecided about the fade, leave it un-faded and send me instructions describing the precise location of the fade.

My mix isn't great, can mastering help?

If your mix is inferior, the mastering process will not transform it into a first class one. It will make it sound better but probably not to the extent you may be expecting. My advice is to always work on your mix until it sounds exactly how you want it, or as close as possible.

Do you offer special rates for multiple songs?

Discounts on multiple songs can be certainly be discussed. Please note, discounts can only be negotiated in regards to full-scope projects (ie – an EP or album, not individual singles over the course of a year).

Can I have revisions of my mastered music?

Yes, you are allowed 2 sets of revision on your mastered track. I encourage you to be as concise and specific in your original direction and revision feedback as possible. There's an additional charge for any further revisions.

Will you give feedback on our mixes before mastering?

Yes! Once you book a session with me, I will listen to your mixes and provide you with my opinions and feedback before you submit your final mixes for mastering. If necessary, I will send you a report detailing any detected issues and suggested changes to make the mix sound better. Any way of improving the mix will enable me to improve the final master.

Can I listen to a free sample of my music mastered?

Due to scheduling constraints I cannot offer free sample masters. I pride myself with outstanding customer service, and do guarantee you'll be happy with your mastered audio. (2 revisions are included)

What additonal information should I send you?

Please provide a list of final song titles / artist name / album name exactly as it should appear on the CD-Text metadata.