The Mixing Process

Fill out the project planner below and get a free quote within 24 hours. The form will provide me with enough information to give you a general idea of cost for your project.


Send your Reaper session or consolidated audio stems using a large file transfer service like WeTransfer, DropBox or HighTail. Zip all files into a single archive and include a rough mix printed from the current version of the song.


After I receive your files, I'll set to work mixing your tracks. Turnaround time varies deppending on the size and complexity of the mix, but is typically 5 to 10 business days.


When the mix is ready, I upload a high quality copy of the mix for you to evaluate. I encourage clients to listen to the song in as many environments as possible. Make detailed notes of any changes you want me to make.


Once you approve a final mix, I will send you the final mix package including Main, TV (mix minus lead vocals), & Instrumental.


The mixing stage has an enormous impact on the way your song will be interpreted. While there is no substitute for a dynamic, exciting musical performance, a good mix can enhance every aspect of that performance so that the final result truly makes your song stand out.

The final mix will let you hear and discern all the separate elements with detail. It will add sonic depth, width, and clarity enhancing the overall picture and feel of your song.

Whether you recorded your music at home on modest equipment, or in a professional studio setting, my goal is to make your recorded tracks sound their absolute best, meticulously balanced, impactful, translatable to all listening environments and most importantly, complementary to your song.



    Controls and maintain the overall balance and width.


    Fine-tunes and makes each instrument or voice distinguishable. Gives your music coherence, smoothness, presence and clarity.


    Creates a sense of sonic space or depth. Adds unique character to a track or instrument to create excitement in the mix.


    Infuses variation and extra detail in a project. Channels flow, and create energy and movement in a production.



Every project is unique. Cost of mixing will be based on production length, track count, whether vocal comping/tuning or complex editing is needed, etc.

Frequently asked questions

How do I prepare my song for mixing?

The best and safest way to prepare your stems for mixing is to bounce them all out as separate raw audio files (WAV or AIF) in the same sample rate / bit depth in which they were recorded without audio clipping. First, take off all the processing you may have done. So no EQ, compression or reverb / delays. If there are effects that are important to you, include a dry version and a version with effects of those tracks. Make sure you export tracks that are consolidated or bounced from the start point of your song. Check your DAW’s manual on how to do this. Label everything clearly so that a bass is a bass, and a guitar is a guitar, etc. I ask that you also double check your audio files before uploading. Reload them into a new Session/Project, checking that they are the correct placement and length, Also check that any crossfades have been included when consolidating or bouncing in place. If you are using Pro Tools or Logic X, you can send the session file (please include all audio files). The only thing you must do is convert any midi or virtual instrument tracks to audio because I don’t always have the same synths or sound banks. Zip all files into a single archive and include a rough mix printed from the current version of the song.

Do you need DI tracks of bass/guitar?

Yes! If you have set tones feel free to send them over, I might want to re-amp or use an amp simulator on the guitar parts if necessary. If you can, always record a clean DI track along with any mic-ed up amps.

Do I need a rough mix?

If you have one, please do! While not necessary, this can help me get a better understanding of how you’ve envisioned the final version of your work. Let me know what you like about it and what you don’t. I might want to go in a different direction, but if there are essential elements for you in the rough mix I will respect them.

How much does a single cost?

Rates vary by the scope and complexity of the project and the services required to produce them. I take into consideration a number of things when I calculate a quote (pre-production, studio time, musicians, post-production, etc.). If you would like to inquire about rates, simply fill out the Project Planner. It’s a “no pressure” quote.

Should we send you references?

Absolutely! Feel free to include any songs from other bands or artists that you want me to use as a mix reference. Having references from work which inspires your sound can be useful as I try to hone the overall sound and feel of your project. I reccomend at least 2-3 songs of your choice

How long is your turnaround time?

This depends on the capacity of your project. Songs with only one or two instruments usually take between 1-2 days, while full song productions with 5 plus instruments and multiple vocal tracks take up to a week. These estimates apply to professional productions.

How many mix revisions are included?

Each song comes with 2 rounds of revisions. I encourage you to be as concise and specific in your original direction and revision feedback as possible. An extra fee will be billed for additional work after included revisions.

Do you only mix specific genres?

Not at all! I'm well versed in a variety of genres when it comes to mixing. I am lucky to have worked on music from many different styles and backgrounds.

Can I hear a free sample of my music mixed?

Unfortunately, I cannot provide free samples since this significantly reduces my turnaround time. I pride myself with outstanding customer service, so rest assured you will love your final product (and remember you get 2 free revisions!).

Where are you located? Can I attend the mixing session?

Im based in San Antonio, TX. I have no issues with bands or artist sitting in on their mixing sessions, so long as the time and workflow are respected.

Do you mix "In-the-box" or strictly analog?

I take a hybrid approach to mixing. While leaning towards in the box for heavy processing, I do use my available analog gear for summing, and finalized processing.

What if my recording quality is less than ideal?

Sometimes audio magic can be accomplished easily, other times it can be tough. I am able to remove background noises, bad frequencies, and provide many other special touches that can make the source sound better, although it is often better to re-record any trouble sections to ensure the best end result.

Do you offer discounts/deals for multiple songs?

Discounts on multiple songs can be certainly be discussed. Please note, discounts can only be negotiated in regards to full-scope projects (ie – an EP or album, not individual singles over the course of a year).